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Important Notice

Please note that due to the copyable nature of patterns and books, which are pro-
tected intellectual property, and because these types of products cannot be resold
after opening, we cannot accept product returns of any pattern or book items under
any circumstances.  Contact us by email at lanette@thequiltinggypsy.com if you have
questions about the suitability of specific book and pattern products for your skill level.

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Placing Orders

bulletPlace your order directly from this website, using the respected PayPal system
for secure credit card or debit card transactions.  It's easy, it's fast, it's safe!
The Quilting Gypsy is a PayPal Verified merchant, an added assurance of safety.

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International Customers

Due to the complexity of calculating export shipping and handling costs for various
items, this website will not process international orders (for customers in countries
other than the United States). Contact us by email at lanette@thequiltinggypsy.com
to arrange an international order. The customer is responsible for separate payment
of any customs duties, import taxes, and/or brokerage fees at the time of delivery.
Certain limitations and restrictions apply to insurance liabilities, product warranties
and returns, and other issues regarding international orders. Contact us for details.

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Shopping Cart

Placing orders with our PayPal shopping cart system is both easy and secure.
Go to the desired craftwork or product page to see the list of available items.
Each of the individual product pages provides handy Add to Cart buttons for
every item, plus View Cart buttons that let you review your selected items.

These buttons will open the PayPal shopping cart into a separate web window.  Click
on the Continue Shopping button, or just add another product or select a different
product page, until you have added all of the items that you want to buy.  Then click
on the Checkout button to continue in the PayPal system and complete your order.
We will confirm your order status by email, usually within the following business day.
If you have already been shopping, and you are ready to check out now, click here.

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Total Charges

Unless you will be picking up your order from our office, you must include shipping and
handling charges with your order payment.  We use USPS Priority Mail to help keep our
shipping charges and packaging costs reasonable.  For each item you order, please in-
clude the indicated shipping & handling fees, to cover the costs of packing and shipping
your order.  Georgia residents must also be sure to include Georgia state and local sales
taxes, which must be calculated at 7.0% of the total value of all merchandise ordered.
If you use our online shopping cart, there are no credit card surcharges or hidden fees,
so what you see is what you pay.  Phone orders are subject to a processing surcharge.
If you use our secure online shopping cart, the shipping and handling charges are cal-
culated automatically for each item ordered, and will be displayed when you check out.

Purchase Value Range
Merchandise Total
Standard Shipping Charge
Continental 48 States
Standard Shipping Charge
$9.99 or less $4.50 $5.50
$10.00 - $49.99 $7.50 $8.50
$50.00 - $99.99 $8.50 $9.50
$100.00 - $199.99 $9.50 $10.50
$200.00 or more $10.50 $11.50

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Making Payments

Our address is The Quilting Gypsy, 2258 Armstrong Dr, Savannah GA 31404-5661. For
long arm services, bring your payment to the office at that address. If you bring your
payment in person, you can pick up your quilts when you arrive, but please call ahead
first to be sure that your order is ready. Note that we will accept only cash or PayPal
transactions. Of course, you must pay for your online product orders using our secure
electronic shopping cart service, provided by PayPal.  See the Total Charges section
above to determine sales tax, shipping and handling fees for your online ordering only.

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Shipping Details

We ship most orders using USPS Domestic Priority Mail or USPS Global Priority Mail.  We
carefully pack your order to ensure safe delivery.  If you provide an email address with
your order, we will notify you when shipment has been made.  We can ship next day by
Express Mail, at a substantially higher cost.  Any updates to our ordering and payment
procedures or shipping methods will be described on this web page as soon as they
become available, so check back here often.  You can email us at any time to request
the current shipping status of orders you have placed, or for more product information.
Stock items usually ship the next business day, and will arrive within one week or less
thereafter.  Any items that must be specially ordered will typically arrive at your door
within two weeks after your order date.  We will advise inventory status for all items
you order, so that you know when to expect delivery, if you provide an email address.
See the Total Charges topic above to determine sales tax, shipping and handling fees.

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Customer Service

When you open your parcel and see how carefully we've packaged your order,
and then experience the excellent quality of our products, you'll know you made
the right choice.  We do it right the first time and every time, because we want
you to be so pleased with us that you can't resist coming back again for more.

In the unlikely event that any item we shipped is damaged in transit, please be
sure to notify both freight carrier and The Quilting Gypsy immediately by email,
so that we can assist you with achieving insurance coverage for your purchase.

If you have any questions or problems with your order or merchandise, please
contact us by internet email or voice telephone only.  Use the same numbers
and addresses as shown above for placing orders.  We will respond as quickly
as possible to answer your questions or resolve any problems you might have.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy, and the security of your personal information, are important to us.
The Quilting Gypsy will never sell, rent, or disclose any of your personal details
to other individuals or organizations for any reason, unless required by actions
of law.  The only exceptions to this policy are situations in which some of your
information must be provided to outside parties to facilitate the delivery of your
orders.  Your financial transactions with PayPal are processed on their secure
web servers.  Your bank account, credit card or debit card information is never
provided to or retained by The Quilting Gypsy when you use the PayPal system.

Your shipping address only (but not your billing address) may be provided to
any factories or distribution facilities associated with your orders, whenever
drop shipments are used for expedited delivery of items not available from
our local stock.  These business partners are never permitted to contact our
customers for any purpose other than the delivery of updated shipping status
information, and are not allowed to use customer data for any other reasons. 

If you supply us with your telephone numbers online, then you will only receive
telephone contact from us with information regarding orders you have placed
online, or to answer specific questions that you have directed to our attention.
Your telephone numbers will not be released outside of our company, except
when specifically required as delivery details for expedited air freight service.

This house ... is clean.  Just so that you know, we force updates to our virus
detection definitions every week. All incoming and outgoing email messages are
scanned for infections. We operate a well-tuned firewall system, and we aggres-
sively eliminate obnoxious adware and spyware programs. We abhor pop-up ads,
and we do not allow them on our web site or those of our internet link partners.
The security of our data management and communications systems, and the
protection of your information, are imperative to the success of our business.

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   The Quilting Gypsy Home    The Gypsy's Long-Arm Quilting Services    The Quilting Gypsy Example Gallery    The Quilting Gypsy Products - Patterns, Books & Tools   

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